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Welcome to the ActivSutton update, one day all ActivSites will be like this!


On the right you can see what the old ActivSutton.com site used to look like, we plan to introduce new features to make the site up to date Sutton news and interesting articles.

Add to that the opportunity to make a little cash through online business we have.

Sutton is a London Borough to the south of the capital city standing on the lower slopes of the North Downs.  It is one of 11 metropolitan boroughs in London.

Sutton has a fantastic history as an ancient parish in Surrey. It is recorded in the Domesday book of 1086.  At that time it had 2 churches and 2 acres of meadow, it is very different now.

Sutton was on the London to Brighton Road this was called a Turnpike and from 1755 coaching inns sprang up to take advantage of this. 1847 saw the connection to central London by the railway and the village rapidly grew into a town.  Growth continued by virtue of its location and it became a municipal borough and was incorporated along with the neighbouring town of Cheam in 1934.

Sutton has been part of greater London since 1965.

Add your photos and text.

By using the uploader, you can add your pictures to the portfolio, add your own review of a local business or a post to the blog as well as commenting on the blog posts if you wish.

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Using the uploader we have added a portfolio pictures of Sutton, Sutton news, historical Sutton, it is great fun too look at parks, roads and buildings and see them as they were 10, 20 or more years ago !
In addition you can add your car and owner photo, doesn’t have to be your first car either.
Scroll down for the uploader !
The currently accepted extensions: *.gif;*.jpg;*.png;*.pdf;*.txt are obviously accepted but we have extended the list, click here for the full list.
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Activ Sutton News and the Activ Social

The existing Activ town network is still VERY BIG, however, the project might have been a little ambitious when first considered.

Outside influences and search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo have meant that the sites and network itself has has be upgraded. To quote Google, “Starting April 21, Google Search will be expanding its use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal.”

The Activ network is being redeveloped to become mobile friendly as more of us use smartphones. “Good move”, We hear you say, but it is not only handy but it is protecting your investment!


The business directory designed to be adaptable and has the facility to accept bulk downloads from a excel file or a csv file.
So you can transfer business from your existing Activ town site. It is easy to use and looks up to date.
If you do not like the style of the directory, the joy of the platform we are using means that it can be replaced with another, (might cost a few pounds for the posh directories .)  Get in touch to find out how this would work.


Content is still important, as with any website so PLEASE write your own and add it to your blog.
BUT you don’t have to, RSS Sutton news feeds, (Really Simple Syndication), bring content to your site automatically.
For best results it is a good idea not to publish directly, but to hold the articles as drafts and add appropriate images, then publish.
Don’t worry if you can’t find the right picture or there are 15 articles waiting to be published, there is a solution available through this platform for free.


What is this? An auction !

Yes, the old classifieds were really popular, remember using your finger to follow the tiny typeface to find that kids bike locally.

Well Ebay and PayPal changed all that, whilst it is fantastic to advertise your unused and unwanted items we always have to remember that they are going to end up in cardboard and bubble wrap and that can be a real pain.

Enter the local auction, local means your stuff like ladders, lawnmowers and sofas can be collected. If you simply want to “get rid” then set the price low and help recycle. Oh! and by the way like all auctioneers you get a commission.

ActivSutton FORUM

Whether it’s local politics, football or family there is something good about seeing your comments online.
The Activ Sutton forum continues, you can add topics and comment on existing ones, with the facility to post pictures of Sutton news and video via a link with no copyright concerns.
You probably know how to do all this already but if not we can show you, you don’t have to be a website developer nowadays, even you kids are learning code a school, but don’t worry you don’t need to!

” Activ Sutton has a business directory with a difference. “

— Paul (Editor)


Austin Walters

Online Entrepreneur with a Passion for Paranormal

Internet Marketing Strategist at Triplefishy

Lived in Pontypridd

ActivSocial Owner


Our partners are key people and organisations that add value to our site, these include News organisations and journalists who supply our news feeds.

Individual residents and visitors of Sutton and Cheam that contribute news articles, photo’s old, historic and new to the site through the blog.

And ActivUK who have town sites all over the country, if you would like to take part contact us at the bottom of the page or from the “Get in Touch“, we are not promising the world but there are revenue streams for you so find out more.

BBC London News Feed
Sutton Guardian
This Local London
Activ UK
Activ UK
Activ UK

ActivSutton - Photo Portfolios

Explore portfolios for photos old and new about Sutton, car owners and their cars, old pics of transport and add yours for fun.


If you have any questions about ActivSutton, the Activ network, the potential revenue streams or the new platform get in touch, we can arrange a chat. It is our aim to make the sites pay for themselves and more.

If you have a business we will help you by promoting it on other Activ Town sites.


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